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Which Sewing Machine should I buy?

I taught 5 lovely children aged between 9 and 11 at The Fashion Loop this past half-term. Some made a simple gathered A-line skirt and the others (who were a bit more experienced) designed, decorated and produced their own gorgeous tops.

Here’s a picture:

One of the parents asked me this week what would I recommend as the best sewing machine for their daughter.

I thought I would share my email reply with you. Here it is:

Hello Kate,

Thank you for your message - The sewing machine the girls used during the workshop is the Janome 725s. This is quite expensive and unnecessary for a beginner. However this is a top-loading machine which means the bobbin drops into a bobbin compartment.

The bottom loading machines are more friendly price wise, more robust too and the main difference is they require for the bobbin to sit inside a bobbin case which is then inserted into the bobbin compartment.

I can easily show your daughters how to use this next time. I have bottom loading machines they can use in my studio.

Hobbycraft is pretty good for Janome beginner sewing machines and from time to time have a 20% off sale. GUR are also good especially as they have flexi pay.

Here are a couple:



You could look for second-hand models but there isn't a guarantee and if it requires a service, these cost around £60

Yes, there is availability for Easter holidays. the dates are on the website

Mon 6th & Tues 7th April 2020 Thursday 16th April 2020

please feel free to ask any further questions if needed

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