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Learn to create garment patterns 

Our pattern cutting course offers step-by-step instructions and is suitable for beginners as well as those who may already have some experience of pattern cutting. 


The Pattern Cutting Course is designed to teach you the technical skills and knowledge that you require to be able to design and create your very own garment patterns using the flat pattern cutting method. 


During the course, you will work your way through a range of exercises that are designed and delivered in a user-friendly format with each exercise building on the previous or your existing knowledge. As your skill levels increase and grow so will your confidence.


Courses are taught by experienced tutors and fashion industry experts who will cater and adapt to your personal learning style, provide clear and easy to follow instructions alongside demonstrations taking you through the experiential learning cycle.  Classes are relaxed, welcoming and small in size creating and enjoyable environment with plenty of support, guidance and help available. 
No prior pattern cutting knowledge or previous sewing experience is needed and you do not need to know how to use a sewing machine.


What is Pattern Cutting?

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