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DAYTIME: Wednesday  25th September 2024 | BEGINNERS PATTERN CUTTING

DAYTIME: Wednesday  25th September 2024 | BEGINNERS PATTERN CUTTING


Start Date:  

Wednesday  25th September 2024

Class Time:  

10am - 12.30 pm 2.5 hour session)


36 weeks

(no classes during school holidays


The Fashion Loop Studio, Bedford.




payment options listed below


The Beginners Pattern Cutting course offered by The Fashion Loop provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of garment pattern making, guiding you through the essential concepts.


Designed with beginners in mind, this course starts from the ground up, ensuring a strong foundation. You'll dive into the key principles of pattern cutting and gradually progress to intermediate and advanced techniques.


Who is this course for?


- Complete Beginners

- Those interested in creating their own garment patterns

- Individuals seeking solutions for fitting commercial patterns


With only 4 spots available, you'll receive personalised attention and support throughout the course.

There's also room for exploration. While the focus is on garment pattern drafting, there's a chance to briefly delve into alternative pattern-making methods, such as adapting commercial patterns or creating patterns from existing garments (although we have a dedicated course for this).


Spanning 36 weeks over an academic year, the course features 2.5-hour classes each week (excluding school holidays).


Course Outline:


Up to 18 weeks:

This segment hones in on technical exercises that form the foundation of pattern cutting – a sort of "short course.


From week 18 onwards:

Introduction to full garment pattern drafting for simple garments. You'll learn to transform specific measurements into functional patterns for cutting fabric, akin to commercial patterns.


Course Content:


Pattern Cutting Basics

Learn about tools, terminology, and the fundamentals of pattern drafting. Dive into fabric grains and blocks, exploring ways to create form-fitting designs using non-stretch fabrics.


Dart Manipulation

Discover the art of shaping and contouring fabric through various dart manipulation techniques. Benefit from expert guidance in this foundational aspect of pattern cutting.


Dresses & Skirts 

Delve into pattern cutting for classic dress and skirt designs.

Experience the joy of crafting well-fitting garments with aesthetic appeal, thanks to skills acquired during the course.


Block Making 

Intermediate pattern cutting skills are a prerequisite for personalised block making. This module introduces block creation, starting with the basic bodice block.


What are blocks? Read more here...


Pattern Drafting for Complete Garments

Encouraging personal style exploration, this part involves crafting full garment pattern drafts. From pattern extraction to fitting adaptations, you'll achieve a perfect fit in the final garment.


By course completion, you'll possess fluent pattern cutting skills and the confidence to apply them to independent projects, fostering maximum growth.


You'll master analysing and translating simple to intermediate fashion designs into patterns and be prepared for more advanced techniques.


At The Fashion Loop, our support extends beyond course completion. Although sewing isn't part of the curriculum (except for calico mock-ups), we're here to nurture your growth, with all the necessary pattern-cutting tools provided.


Students should bring:

- Notebook for notes, sketches, and samples

- Large project bag (not required upon start of course)

- Mechanical Pencil HB


Mastering the art of sewing and crafting garments to a professional standard requires both time and consistent practice. To maximise your learning experience in this course, we recommend dedicating time between sessions for practice.


Schedule a Free Consultation:


We're here to assist you in deciding if this course aligns with your needs. Arrange a Zoom call or phone consultation via this link where we can address your queries and guide you through the decision-making process. 


Embark on this journey with us and unleash your creativity through the art of pattern cutting.




If you would like to pay the course fee in instalments, we are pleased to offer the following payment plan:


  • Deposit payment to secure your place on the course: £300 (this can be paid here online only)
  • Month 1 via BACS (due on or before the 1st class): £500
  • Month 2 via BACS: £500
  • Month 3 via BACS: £500
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