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Benefits of Children Learning to Sew

Our Easter Holiday Fashion Sewing Workshops are back this year with more exciting fashion projects!

Whether you are thinking of enrolling your child for the first time or have been to our workshops before, the students will continue learning technical skills with the sewing machine, overlocker, pressing and hand stitching.

These skills take time and practice to perfect so a great motivation for the students is to make their own garment as part of the workshop.

We have listed some of the benefits that we have observed:

1. Patience!

The sewing machine is a very exquisite tool but it is very temperamental. Just to operate the machine correctly requires patience. Children and adults experience the same annoying issues...knowing which way to put bobbin thread, how to un-jam the machine, how to stop it from making 'that' noise'!!

2. Perseverance

Unlike some of the TV shows that paint a picture that making clothes is a doddle, it is not! Things don't always work out right the first time...event for professionals.

Many times I have seen children show me a hem stitch done on a piece of calico beautifully, but when hemming their garments, they have managed to sew together several layers... :( Unpicker to the rescue!

3. Life Skills & Creativity

The techniques children taught at The Fashion Loop are the same as those taught to adults. They are simplified to suit their age but they are generally the same and they are encouraged to have the same level of accuracy on a basic 1cm seam that would be on a designer garment.

These skills can potentially remain with them for life. We reinforce the mental digestion of the information by giving them a sewing book with illustrations and space for them to write their notes, observations & leanings. They keep their wrong & right practice pieces and note down the differences.

Creativity is something I believe comes from within and it can be nurtured/developed, but without the technical skills, it is difficult for a child to express fully and can often lead to frustration. We have given priority to teaching technical and often seen is students add their creativity to the project.

4. Following a 'Process'

The concept of fashion and making clothes may seem very glamorous from afar; the truth is it requires the willpower to follow through a process. The process at times can seem tedious, repetitive, or long but this process is important to reinforce their skills and confidence. The outcome however makes it all worthwhile and eventually the process becomes enjoyable.

5. Achievement

By making a garment that children can wear, there is a huge sense of achievement. There is relief the hard work has paid off, and also they can show others what they made whilst feeling a sense of pride and fulfillment.

For us as tutors, nothing is more satisfying than the surprise they feel when they wear their garment and of course, the smiles :)

During the forthcoming Easter Holiday Workshops, new students will make a pair of shorts and students who have attended before, will make a printed cotton top, learning skills such as topstitching & adding a patch pocket.

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