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Clothing Production Courses

Learn to sew & construct clothing to a professional standard

Our flexible clothing production courses are great for learning to sew and produce garments to a professional level. The courses vary in duration, price & skills level to suit your schedule, experience, and budget.

Each course includes demonstrations of new techniques, and students work through a series of technical exercises before starting the garment making process. The garment will involve the skills you have learned. 
These courses take place regularly throughout the year, so students may progress at a pace which suits them.
To attend the Clothing Production courses it is necessary to know how to use a sewing machine and adjust tensions so the stitch is perfectly suited to the intended cloth. 
Please attend the ‘Introduction to ‘Sewing Machine Basics’ course before joining the Clothing Production Courses (if you have little or no experience of using a sewing machine.)

During the garment production courses, students will have use of a garment pattern which will be available in sizes 8-18

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