Age:         14 – 19 yrs
Duration:  5 Days

Time:       10am to 4pm

Date:        September 2020 - specific start date will be published June 2020

Venue:     The Fashion Loop Studio (details upon registration)

Outcome: Printed Sweatshirt, Fashion Styling & Fashion Photography


A full-circuit fashion design course; Students will learn how to create a fashion design collection developed from a ‘concept’ to a completed garment. This course will touch upon many of the processes used in a fashion design house and give an insight into how fashion schools teach fashion design at an in-depth level.


This course is ideal if:

  • You are interested in fashion design
  • Would like to study fashion at college or university
  • Would like a career in the fashion industry
  • You are interested to have your own business in fashion


During this 5-day workshop, the concept will be based on #streetstyle #florals #print #sweatshirt #urbanfashion


Steps in this course:


Stage 1: Fashion Design:

Explore, research & develop ideas under the concept of #streetstyle. We will teach and demonstrate how to push your creative boundaries and take inspiration from the catwalk, social media, etc.


Stage 2: Design Development:

Develop & refine fashion design ideas, mood boards, colour palettes, garment silhouette/shape – bring these elements together to create a fashion collection.


Stage 3: Fabric Printing & Surface Design:

A white cotton sweatshirt fabric will be the basis for all the designs within this course and elements of fabric printing/fabric surface design, based on the #florals concept will be incorporated. Fabric printing techniques will be taught by a industry specialist


Stage 4: Technical Fashion Skills:

Learn how to use the sewing machine & overlocker, master basic seams and techniques required for making a garment.


Stage 5: Garment Production:

Produce a ‘final’ garment: Students will be taught how to manage and cut fabric into garment pieces and work through the ‘technical’ process of making a garment.


Stage 6: Fashion Styling & Photoshoot:

Learn how to style your final garment with the help of a talented fashion stylist and have it photographed in a magazine-style photo shoot.


Stage 7: Entrepreneurial:

“Hypothetically speaking, how would you market & sell garments under your label and who would you sell it to?” Students can create a short business & marketing plan to gear them up for the real world.


Most materials, equipment, fabric, haberdashery and digital photography file will be included in the price.

Items not included in the cost: White sweatshirt Fabric. This can be purchased from The Fashion Loop at a cost of £3.50 per metre. We expect students will require no more than 3 meters.


Teens Summer Holiday 5-Day Fashion Workshop