Start Date:

Monday 17th May 2021

(class dates are given below)

Class Time:

6 – 9pm


18 lessons (no classes during school holidays)


The Fashion Loop Studio, Bedford





The Fashion Loop’s Pattern Cutting course delves deep into the foundation steps of pattern making enabling each student to understand the subject to its core.

The course is suitable for students with little or no experience of pattern cutting.

Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of pattern cutting before progressing at a steady pace onto advancing techniques.


This course is ideal for:


· Complete Beginners

· Those who wish to create their own garment patterns

· Home sewists having difficulty with commercial patterns

· For those having difficulty with fitting commercial patterns


There are 4 places on this course which allows for lots of individual help. The course is also quite flexible allowing students to explore other methods of pattern cutting such as creating a garment pattern from an existing garment, or adapting commercial patterns although we have a specific course for this.


Course Outline:



Learn about the equipment, tools & language used in pattern creation. Gain an insight into the basic principles of pattern drafting, fabric grains and blocks. Explore how to create form fitting through the use of suppression.



Dart manipulation is the technique used for shaping & contouring the fabric to the body. As part of a small group of students you will learn an array of tradition dart manipulation techniques. With expert one-to-one help, students will gain a firm foundation in this important step.



Pattern cutting of classic skirt design & dress designs is covered in this part of the course.


The course focuses on teaching students the foundation skill so there are many exercises to follow with lots of in-depth demos.


By the end of this course students can expect to have gained intermediate pattern cutting skills with the ability to analyse how an existing garment can be translated into a pattern.




The Fashion Loop can help students grow to the next level beyond this course’s completion where more creativity will be integral!

There is no sewing involved in this course, except when creating mock-ups. It is not necessary to know how to sew but it would be helpful if you wish to create your own garments.


All pattern-cutting tools will be provided for in this course.

Pattern Cutting: 18-week Foundation Basics Course