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Learn to Create Your Own Garment Patterns (womenswear)


Course start date:

Thursday 7th March 2019


10 am - 1 pm


35 weeks over 1 year


The Fashion Loop Studio, Bedford.

Course Fee:

£750 (termly payment options available)

Venue: The Fashion Loop Studio, Bedford


This pattern cutting course is suitable for students with little or no experience of pattern cutting.

Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of pattern cutting before progressing at a steady pace onto more advanced techniques.


Course Outline:


  • Pattern cutting basics:

Learn about the equipment and language used in pattern creation. Gain an insight into the basic principles of pattern drafting, fabric grains and blocks. Explore the creation of form through the use of suppression.


  • Dart Manipulation:

Dart manipulation is the technique used for shaping & contouring the fabric to the body during the design process.  As part of a small group of students you will learn an array of dart manipulation techniques.  With expert one-to-one help, students will gain a firm foundation in this important process.


  • Dresses & Skirts:

Pattern cutting of classic skirt & dress designs is covered in this part of the syllabus.


  • Block Making:

Students will learn how to create their own basic bodice, skirt & sleeve blocks. 

This topic is taught midway through the course when intermediate level skills will have been gained.


  • Sleeves & Collars:

Some examples of collar variations this course will cover are: shirt collar, collar and rever, mandarin collar.

Some examples of sleeve variations this course will cover are: two-piece set-in sleeve, petal sleeve, kimono, raglan and drop-shoulder sleeves.


  • Trousers:

Learn the pattern cutting basics of various trouser designs: How to take measurements, creating a trouser block, creating toiles to achieve the desired fit, and pattern cutting to add details such as fly front, pockets, waistbands, flat fronts and flares.



  • Pattern creation for full garments:

This part of the syllabus enables students to explore their personal taste & style in clothing. You will create a full garment pattern draft & pattern pieces, along with mock-ups in calico, whilst learning to create a perfect fit. The final pattern pieces will be perfected ready to create in fabric. This aspect of the syllabus will bring together the elements learnt throughout the course and facilitate their successful application to your project.


By the end of this course students can expect to have gained fluent pattern cutting skills.

You will have acquired the ability to analyse & apply complex fashion designs into pattern cutting along with the confidence to embark onto more advanced pattern cutting techniques.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to progress onto advanced courses at The Fashion Loop.  Advanced pattern cutting can be studied in conjunction with  garment making and sewing thus creating a ‘full circuit’ of garment making.


There is no sewing involved in this course, except when creating mock-ups. It is not necessary to know how to sew or how to use a sewing machine.


All pattern-cutting materials will be provided for in this course including 2 metres of calico for mock-up creation.

Additional calico can be purchased at £3.00 per metre from The Fashion Loop.


Refreshments are available during the workshops

Pattern cutting, block making & pattern drafting (Daytime Course)

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